Robb Hill Band with Guests at Savoy Pub Vancouver

  • Date:28 - Mar - 2015
  • Time:9:00pm
  • Location:Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Venue:Robb Hill Band with Guests @ Savoy Pub Vancouver

T2MX Media Presents

Robb Hill Band at Savoy Pub Vancouver

T2MX Media Presents

Robb Hill Band with Guests at Savoy Pub Vancouver

Savoy Pub

Saturday March 28th 2015

9:00pm to 12:00am


We have a fantastic group of local musicians sharing the stage!


Robb Hill Band Robb Hill Musician

Bright Red Kite Band

Singer Songwriter Geoffrey Leathwood

Come down for a night of great music and cheap drinks! Make your night a Savoy Night!

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Robb Hill Band
Robb Hill’s been touring Canada since 2011, performing both his alt rock and acoustic originals to audiences far and wide
Blending his own style to classic covers from The Beatles, Billy Idol, The Doors, Foo Fighters and many more, prepare for a night to remember with Hill’s high energy band taking flight at Savoy!

About Big Red Kite
When one thinks of a bright red kite, what is conjured up in the mind’s eye? Perhaps you are picturing vibrant crimson stretched over a 50/50 nylon polyester blend, parading its festive self on an overcast Sunday morning. Perhaps you are a bit more adventurous and you see a box kite, dipping and weaving around the remote control planes the more fortunate people have acquired. Perhaps you are picturing a four piece indie band. If you aren’t picturing the four piece indie band, it would be in your best interest to begin doing so.

Formed from the primordial ooze of the past, present and FUTURE (!!!), Bright Red Kite aims to rearrange your outlook on everything from lunch to carpet laying. Ever wondered what is actually used to make the glue that holds society together and keeps human existence from collapsing inwards on itself? That’s them. BRK is not a band, despite what you may have been led to believe in the opening paragraph. They are a social movement, a protector of the weak and overall, semi-decent human beings (exceptions noted where applicable). You may find yourself asking whether such a delightful combination can be achieved by mere mortals. You may find yourself building a robot to replicate such awesome-doing. You may also find yourself craving a pulled pork sandwich. Such feelings are simply a by-product of pure artistic ingenuity, a lack of insight into advances in robotics and a simple absence of pulled pork in one’s diet. We just want you to achieve happiness. Really. No ulterior motives, no weapons dealing to hostile nations, no human trafficking in remote areas of the planet. Just sit back, put your feet up, assault your ear canals with our siren songs and think about how much better you feel at this point in your humble existence.

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