Live Faster Die Younger Volume III Punk Rock Show

  • Date:03 - Mar - 2018
  • Time:9:00pm
  • Location:Vancouver, BC
  • Venue:Live Faster Die Younger Volume III Punk Rock Show


Elevator Music and Promotions presents Live Faster Die Younger Volume III A Night of Punk Rock at the Savoy Pub Saturday March 3rd 2018.

This show is part of the A Night of Music Heals program created by Music Heals.  A portion of the door charges will go towards Music Heals continue program of healing through music.  For more information regarding this program, please visit their website.

On the bill are Furnace Maintenance, Caustic Soda Pop and Precious Things.

Date: Saturday March 3rd 2018
Time: 9pm to 12am
Where: Savoy Pub 258 East Hastings St., Vancouver

$10 Cover

Four-piece band Furnace Maintenance combine skate rock, thrash, punk, and elements of metal. They like bands such as SNFU, Descendents, DRI and Van Halen.

Caustic SodaPop can best be described as an ever evolving indie-WTF. Started in 2001 by lead vocal, lead guitarist Aaron, as a scrappy 90’s punk band reminiscent of Bad Religion, Rancid and NoFX, the band has continuously evolved. With the recent addition of Alan on the drums, the songs can range from straight up 12 bar blues, country, pop and indie all with a good punky kick.

Caustic SodaPop (CSP to friends!), lives for the live show. We believe very strongly that we not just be a band that stands on a stage and plays our songs, but puts on a very active, high energy show with quality music every single show.

Precious Things began in 2013/2014. The band has always been a three piece but has gone through two lineup changes since then with Luke being the only “original” member. The band could be described as a fun-loving, punk rock band, with each band member citing influences that the other members dislike.

Precious Things spent the first portion of band life getting shows around Vancouver and then decided to self-record a tape. It took a large amount of time, much longer than necessary but they completed it. Since then they have been playing shows with various bands at various places in and around Vancouver. For the past year they have been pretty much solely writing new songs while still trying to play around town. The band is getting ready to professionally record this fall and will hopefully melt a few more faces before the year is ove